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WWE Smackdown 9 August 2016 (HO-HO-HO) WTF Moments

WWE Smackdown 9 August 2016 (HO-HO-HO) WTF Moments

This week’s SmackDown Live looked like being much in the same vein as Monday night’s RAW in terms of being an unspectacular show that is merely used to keep the clock ticking over ahead of SummerSlam.

The intrigue, for me at least, ahead of Tuesday’s show surrounded Bray Wyatt. How would the eater of worlds stay involved in the WWE World Championship picture after his slightly questionable defeat at the hands of Dolph Ziggler last time around. The Showoff used an exposed turnbuckle on his path to victory over the Wyatt Family leader, so you just know that he’ll have something to say about that.

Bray’s involvement in the title picture has inserted this notion of a SummerSlam Triple Threat championship match into my mind and it simply won’t leave. Is there a chance Wyatt could be added, or are WWE setting him up as the number one contender for the man who wins a week on Sunday?

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