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Watch ICC World Test Championship 2017 Schedule, Format & Teams

Watch ICC World Test Championship 2017 Schedule, Format & Teams

The big event in cricket about to introduced which is based on 5 days test match but this time, it will hold a number of teams . The event is first going to hold in 2013 but due to the financial problem, it won’t get started . All ten teams that were part of test cricket will take place in the event and the top four teams will play the play-off matches semi-finals and finals.

There are top 10 teams 

(Pakistan , England , West Indies , Bangladesh , India , Australia , Sri Lanka , New Zealand , Australia , and South Africa)  Only four of these teams will play the tournament teams that would rank top four till December 31, 2016 . So there will be the huge competition between some teams after T20 world cup to get placed among the top four sides .

Current ICC Test Rankings 2016 :

There are still some decision that has not yet been taken that how to decide about the match results if it comes as draw in the knock-out stages. So before 16 December 2016 some teams like New Zealand , West Indies , South Africa and Sri Lanka need to work hard to make their position prominent to make to the top four sides . Currently, Pakistan , Australia , England, and India were the top four teams and if they remain on top until December then these teams will play the World Test championship semifinals of if any other team won series and their points increase they may join the top teams of the group.

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