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Sofia Hayat Says “I Wear More Clothes” Then Baba Ramdev

Sofia Hayat Says “I Wear More Clothes” Then Baba Ramdev: Recently Ex Bigg Boss Contestant Sofia Hayat shocked the nation when she left the glamorous world and turned into a nun. She keeps shocking her fans with her statements. A few days ago she posted a picture on Instagram and wrote “We are beautiful without makeup hair colour fashion. We are perfect as we are. I’m sorry I gave you the impression otherwise. I am changed, I love you all.

Sofia Hayat Says “I Wear More Clothes” Then Baba Ramdev

However, even after becoming a nun she is making headlines continuously by posting her bold pictures. These bold pictures of Sofia Hayat made fans confused that she really turned a nun or she is just pretending it. Recently she posted some pictures where she is performing yoga but she is wearing a crop top to perform asanas.

Social media users didn’t take a time to troll to Sofia Hayat’s Bold images and they criticised her for faking spiritualism. People also called her decision to become a nun is drama to take attention.

After some time Hayat posted a video to respond all the comments of haters on Instagram. In that video, she asked people why she is being judged for the choices she makes?

In this video, she also stated that she wears clothes more than Baba Ramdev. Sofia Hayat said “people like Baba Ramdev wear a lot fewer clothes than my yoga pictures, why are women being penalised? She asked from the haters in the video posted on Instagram. At the end of the video, she said “wake up, loose fear, stop judging and love everybody.

After turning nun Sofia stated that she would never have sex and she would not get marry. This statement of Hayat surprised everyone. Now Sofia takes the dig at Baba Ramdev and said that she wears more clothes than Baba Ramdev.

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