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Powerful Lunar Eclipse 2016 Full Moon Pisces September 2016

Powerful Lunar Eclipse 2016 Full Moon Pisces September 2016

On Friday, September 16, life takes a turn for the esoteric and enchanted when the Pisces full moon lunar eclipse lights up the skies. Eclipses sweep in and clear away what no longer serves us, making way for something new and better. However, these shifts can be abrupt and unexpected. As the zodiac’s last sign,Pisces is about endings and transitions, upping the odds that we’ll see some big changes. Be proactive, too: Full moon lunar eclipses are a powerful time to let go and surrender, to wave the white flag and accept the things we cannot change. Relax and retreat into the depths, or just sit back and watch events unfold.

As the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, due on the 22nd, the Pisces full moon is also the harvest moon. For the second year in a row, September’s full moon is also a penumbral eclipse, a less dramatic lunar spectacle when compared to last year’s full blood moon” eclipse. 

The Pisces lunar (full moon) eclipse is the manifestation of a magical mystery tour that started back on March 8 with a solar (new moon) eclipse in Pisces. This sign also rules healing and the subconscious mind. If you’ve been doing your soul searching, expect to have some violet light bathed realizations near Friday. (Hint: They may involve relinquishing control or literally saying goodbye to something that no longer serves a purpose.) And yes, there may be tears, but who doesn’t need a good, cleansing cry every now and again?

For those out there who like to plan every move on an Excel spreadsheet, we’re sorry to tell you that the Pisces full moon eclipse may have the last laugh. Instead of attempting to direct the universe, pay attention to which doors are opening and which seem impossible to pry open—no matter how hard you try. But miracles can happen the minute we release our grip and accept that what will be, will be. (Caveat: Pisces energy can send people spiraling into addictive, self-destructive and downright delusional behavior—especially when “loony” luna is full!) Steer clear of triggers and temptations on Friday (and over the weekend) to avoid this slippery slope.
Creatively, the Pisces lunar full moon eclipse is sure to deliver some divine downloads. If you’ve been developing a visionary idea, share it with trusted people on Friday. One of them could turn out to be a winner. But consider having contenders sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) if there are trade secrets or important artistic intellectual properties involved. The blurring effect of a Pisces eclipse could mask a competitor in ally’s clothing. Yikes! Socially, this would be the day to dive into Piscean activities: an epic night of dancing, a meditation circle, a spiritual ceremony, or a romantic date lifted straight from the pages of a fairy tale.
Since full moons are like giant celestial spotlights, this one could beam into an area of life where you’ve been stuck or in denial. If you’ve ignored your intuition, your appetite and your creative expression, the Pisces full moon lunar eclipse reminds you to pay attention. Pisces is also a dual sign, which means we will experience some of life’s paradoxes, too.


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