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Oscars Award 2017: Zootopia Movie Nominated For Best Picture

Oscars Award 2017: Zootopia Movie Nominated For Best Picture

What Is It? Oh come on, you’ve seen Zootopia. And if you haven’t, you’ve been told by everyone has to go f*cking see Zootopia. It’s the cute movie about a land of anthropomorphized animals that managed to provide a complete breakdown of societal prejudice, as well as fit in that cracking sloth joke.

Why Could It Be A Contender? There’s been a lot of good movies in 2016 so far, but when you break down the big hitters the one that likely has the best shot at getting in on the Oscar race is Zootopia. You do typically see a big summer picture in the Best Picture nominees now the field has expanded, and this one has the perfect mix of wide praise from critics and audience, high profile box office success and genuine thematic weight. Depending on how Moana goes, Disney would be wise to push this one.

What Might Stop It? Well, being an animation isn’t going to help. The expansion of nominees to ten at first seemed to point towards the medium getting more attention – Up and Toy Story 3 were nominated in the first two years – but that’s fell away to things kinda flopping about as normal. Last year Inside Out failed to get a nomination, which means the bunny cop better be ready for a fight.

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