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John Cena vs Rusev, and Kevin Owens A Amazing Fight Full Show, WWE SummerSlame 2016

John Cena vs Rusev, and Kevin Owens A  Amazing Fight Full Show WWE SummerSlame 2016

For more than decade, fans wondered what it would be like if Samoa Joe joined WWE. Even when he was mired in TNA, there was always a shot he could come to the company and show his talent alongside the most famous wrestlers in the world.

Finally, in 2015, he debuted in NXT, and fans have since been waiting for him to come to the main roster. When he does – and hopefully, it’s soon – there’s one man waiting for him: John Cena.

True, this wouldn’t be John Cena’s first go-around with a freight train of a monster heel – he’s had feuds with Bray Wyatt, Rusev, and Kevin Owens that produced great matches, but didn’t do much for the up-and-comers involved.

Samoa Joe, though, is different as he’s a more uncommon talent than any of them (even Owens), with a finesse and ability that belies his size and a bad-!*$% aura that rivals that of anyone besides Brock Lesnar.

Not only would the match be amazing (think Sting versus Vader, but even more dramatic), but there’s history to touch on if WWE chooses to – both Cena and Joe wrestled for California’s Ultimate Pro Wrestling promotion in 2000, feuding with (and gaining experience alongside) each other.




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