International Yoga Day 21st June 2016, Celebrate Worldwide Yoga Day, 21st june 2016 international yoga day, celebrate worldwide yoga day
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International Yoga Day 21st June 2016, Celebrate Worldwide Yoga Day

International Yoga Day 21st June 2016, Celebrate Worldwide Yoga Day

The United Nations General Assembly Declared 21st June As An International Yoga Day In 2014, Yoga Is an Indian Mental Physical and Spiritual Practice And is 5000 Years Old. To Transform Their Body And Mind People Used Meditation In Ancient Times. Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi Initiated The celebration Of Yoga Across The Globe Urging The United Nations General Assembly To Launch A Set date To Practice As A Yoga Day.

Yoga Returns With A Bang

With The Sudden Boost In The Rate And Extent Of Globalization, Yoga Seemed To Lose Its Place In The Health Circuits, But as The Say, “ Old Is Gold” People After Experimenting With All The health Means Returned To The One Practiced From Thousands Of Years. And Ironically, This Time, The Very Tools Of Globalization Boom Helped Yoga To Become Even Bigger. Many Celebrities Showed Their Trust In Yoga And Started Making People Aware About It In India, Bipasha Basu Yoga CD, Shilpa Shetty Yoga CDs Etc.

Narendra Modi Yoga

Prime Minister Of India Mr. Narendera Modi In Speech To The UN General Assembly Reiterated On The Benefits Of Yoga . He Referred To Yoga As Gift Of India Ancient Tradition. According To Him Yoga, Embodies Unity Of Mind And Body Thought And Action, Restraints and Fulfills Harmony Between Man And Nature By Discovering The Sense Of Oneness Between Yourself The World And The Nature, He Urged The UN General Assembly To Look At Yoga As A Measure To Deal With Climate Change AS It Involves The Changing OF Lifestyle And Creates Consciousness.

Worldwide Celebration Of International Yoga Day 2016

International Yoga Day, More Than 160 Countries Including China, USA, Britain Etc. And Their People Reportedly Celebrate This Day. All The UN Member States, International and regional Organizations, Governmental and Non Governmental Organizations And Civil Society Come Together To Participate In International Day Yoga Various Activities Like Yoga Competitions, Yoga Campus Training, Etc. To Increase The Awareness Amongest The People About The Benefits Of Yoga. It Increases The Well being Of The People By Changing Their Life Style. Practicing Yoga Regularly leads To The better Intellectual, Physical And Mental Health.


Objectives Of International Yoga Day

Encourage People To Meditate Through Yoga

Stress Relief Through Yoga

Strengthening Coordination Between People Through Yoga All Over The World

Reduction In Health Challenging Diseases Globally

Awareness About The Benefits Of Yoga Amongest People

Make People Know The Natural Benefits Of Yoga

By Practicing Yoga Connect People

Spread Awareness About mental And Physical Diseases And Their Solutions

Yoga Is Certainly A More Effective And Similar Method To Attain And Maintain Fitness Levels In This Fast Paced Life. International Yoga Day 21st June Keep Following Us. Till Than Keep Yoga.

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